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Alicja Kaszuba /Expert/

I am a lawyer specializing in legal regulations applicable in the field of new technologies, IT and E-commerce.

The main focus of my business is to support you in developing your compliance strategy. This will help your company to operate safely in compliance with the law. Together we will analyse the risks and find appropriate solutions. My experience includes not only legal knowledge, but also ethical discernment. Together, we can ensure that your projects not only revolutionise the industry, but also remain fully compliant with applicable regulations, thereby minimising potential risks.

Contracts are also important area of my specialisation. When drafting a contract, I ensure that it is clear, complies with current regulations and takes into account all relevant aspects. I can also analyse contracts prepared by the other party, identifying potential risks and ensuring that you fully understand the provisions contained. My work in this area is designed to facilitate your work.

My services in the area of e-commerce will ensure the legality of the sales arrangements you have adopted and minimise the risk of potential disputes with the customer. Properly drafted online shop regulations will make it easier for you to sell online, protect you from potential disputes with consumers, negative feedback and possible penalties. Equally important is the proper design of your online shop and the drafting of all documentation related to data protection and electronic marketing. Let me help you with all this.

I also have vast experience in representing Clients in court and at administrative authorities. My qualifications as an attorney-at-law and many years of practice in the courtroom allow me to effectively defend your interests.

I invite you to cooperate with me so that together we can take your project to the next level. At the same time, let's ensure that we have a solid legal foundation and ethical values. My mission is to be your guide through the maze of legal regulations.

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Our advantage is an individual and professional
approach to your affairs.


A successful contract requires practical and flexible solutions.

We specialise in contracts, in particular civil law and copyright law:

  • We explain all the provisions of the contract and suggest solutions.
  • We explain all contractual provisions and suggest solutions.
  • We conduct risk audits.
  • We assist in conducting negotiations.


We understand modern business needs.

We provide comprehensive support for entities conducting their operations online:

  • We prepare the necessary documentation (terms and conditions, policies, etc.).
  • We handle agreements related to digital services and content.
  • We offer legal support for e-commerce. We develop and review documentation related to conducting online sales.
  • We provide legal advice on law-compliant design of e-commerce websites, e-marketing, newsletters, contests, blogs, and collaboration with influencers.


Effectively manage your legal risks.


  • We assist in identifying and assessing issues and risks to anticipate and design appropriate legal solutions.
  • We monitor EU regulations and guidelines to ensure your company's compliance.
  • We will prepare the necessary procedures, codes, and guidelines for your company.
  • We will manage the whistleblower reporting processes.
  • We will audit your company for compliance.

Personal data protection

With us you will take care of the legality of the processed data.


  • We will design and help deploy appropriate solutions for your company.
  • We will draft the relevant documentation.
  • We will draft data processing agreements or contractual clauses for you.
  • We will conduct a GDPR compliance audit of your operations.
  • We will manage notifications and incidents promptly.


Many years of experience in professional representation speaks for us.

We offer:

  • Representation in civil, commercial, tax, fiscal, and administrative proceedings.
  • Representation and assistance in out-of-court dispute resolution proceedings, i.e. negotiations, mediation, judicial and ad hoc arbitration.

Ethics of technology

Responsible and ethical technology in design.


  • We draft ethical codes and assist in preparing impact assessments.
  • We monitor EU regulations and guidelines related to technologies to ensure compliance for your company.
  • We help identify and assess compliance issues and risks when designing, developing and using technology, including artificial intelligence, to anticipate and design appropriate solutions.
  • We develop customized documentation tailored to the client's needs.
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